Dear Harmony community,

It is an honor for me to connect with you through this platform. By now, Harmony has more than ten years of history of touching the lives of Laredo children and the surrounding community. Harmony has provided the choice Laredo deserves as a high performing public charter school system. Since then, there has been a tremendous interest to Harmony which has resulted us to expend our campus numbers to three and our student body to one thousand six hundred fifty in Laredo.

I worked with HSA Laredo as a Math Coach for the past six years prior to becoming a principal. That helped me adjust easily as I moved from San Antonio to Laredo. I have known the most staff of the school and some of the students. Once I moved, I have found everyone welcoming and hospitable. Our school community was very motivated to changes for better. I am gladly able to say that the entire school staff, parents, PTO and students have been very helpful for our new initiatives. I owe everyone a big THANK YOU!

A little bit more about myself; I graduated from Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey with a Bachelor's Degree in teaching secondary Math followed by a Master’s Degree in in the same path. I earned my second Master’s Degree from The University of Texas at Arlington on Curriculum and Instruction. I have a total of eleven years of teaching and eight years of district level coaching experience in the field of education. My experience ranges from 5th grade math to AP Calculus and Dual Credit courses. I was involved in many of the Harmony’s curriculum development, software implementation, teachers’ training and data analysis efforts. I also served as the district testing coordinator for a year prior to becoming a principal. Participating in academic challenges, finding competitions to take my students, school wide incentive programs has been my area of interest. Some of these competitions are Mathcounts, AMC, Sumdog of Texas Lutheran University, UIL, Math Madness, Math League and so on. I live with my family of three little children and my better half, my wife.

Now that I have a much bigger responsibility which is providing the best possible education to our students not only in Math but in all subjects, I feel the load on my shoulders and I am willing and hoping to get any possible support from all of our stakeholders and community partners to achieve our goals of making and sustaining the label of Best Middle School ever in Laredo. To achieve this goal, we are striving to offer more and more academic and athletic programs during and after school. To name some that has been implemented: Deeper RTI process, Aleks, No Red Ink recoveries, Academic Catch Up days, participation in UIL competitions, Invitational science fairs, AMC 8, TI Inspire Rover Initiative and some of which we plan for the near future are a Makerspace, Honor classes in grades 6 through 8 ELA, Math, Science, 7th grade advanced Spanish and 8th grade AP Spanish Language and Culture, Science fair project mentored by college students and professors, and an addition to our current advanced electives program with Media Production.

My hope is that each Harmony student coming in to our school every morning walks in with the joy and excitement of learning, the learning that will open the path to their desired carriers, also walks in to find and improve the leader in him or her that we will entrust with our governance with full confidence.

Abdullah Tatir