Congratulations to the following students 

  • 6th Grade Mariana Lara
  • 7th Grade Salma Medina
  • 8th Grade Samantha Medina

Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Mr. E. Moreno

Dear Parents,

STAAR shirts are in!! Support our students by purchasing our bundle deal. Buy a “ROCK THE STAAR” shirt and get a youth-small or youth-medium for $5.00!!!!

Don’t miss out on this great deal!! Shirts are going fast!!

Shirts may be worn during testing days and spirit days….GO HAWKS!!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Attention 8th grade students and parents

Please see the following flyers for more information on prom and graduation pictures.


Parents and students here is the 2018-2019 Academic Year Calendar.

2018-2019 HSA Laredo School Calendar

Attention students,

We will have a soccer tournament, please see the image for more information.

Dear Students and Parents, next week for STAAR Testing we will have Spirit Week. Please see below what you can wear every day.
Monday 4/9– Nerd Day   Sooo Smart I will pass the STAAR
Tuesday 4/10 – Super Hero shirt and jeans- Crush the STAAR!!
Wednesday 4/11– Jersey and Jeans – Score against the STAAR
Thursday 4/12  Super STAAR – I have rocked the STAAR!!
Friday 4/13 Spirit / STAAR shirt and jeans

Dear Parents,

Please be advised with regards to STAAR test dates:

7th Grade Writing: Tuesday April 10, 2018

8th Grade Mathematics:  Tuesday April 10, 2018

8th Grade Reading: Wednesday April 11, 2018.

All tests begin promptly at 8:00am. Students who are signed out by parents/guardians after the test has started but not yet finished, will not be able to complete their tests at a later date. Therefore we ask you to consider scheduling any necessary appointments for students on other days, as well as the health and well-being of the student if they are feeling ill on the day of their test. The make-up day for testing will be Wednesday, April 12, 2018. Make-up testing is only for students who are absent on the scheduled day of the test.

All students are expected to be on their best behavior, in proper school uniform (no hoodies, no pull-over sweaters/jackets, no blankets, shirts tucked in, etc), and are to take their lunch to their testing room if they bring their own lunch to school. Students are to leave their belongings (backpacks, chromebooks, all electronic & non-electronic devices (phones, watches, headphones, etc) before going to their testing rooms. Students may only bring a proper book to read after they are finished testing, or work on a teacher-provided test review if they are STAAR testing the following day.

Dear Parents,

It’s fundraiser time again!! HSA will be distributing chocolates to our students to sell. This money will go towards our school’s general funds.

Ken Yaguchi is an 8th grader at Harmony Science Academy who is going to Washington for  the National Spelling Bee Competition. Ken while at Harmony Science Academy has participated and won the campus level competition during his 6th, 7th, and 8th grade years. He is a top student at our school, who is also an officer of the National Junior Honor Society, a finalist in the Regional Science Fair and a participant of the Math-counts Club. One of his primary mentors at our campus is his Spelling Bee Coach Mr. Wesley Terry.

Congratulations to the following students 

  • 6th Grade- Fritzy Zepeda
  • 7th Grade- Valeria Costilla
  • 8th Grade- Irina Corona

Teacher of the Month

Congratulations to Mr. Jose Benavides